Friday, September 23, 2011

Sin City (2005)

Written by Frank Miller (graphic novel)
Directed by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez
Starring Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis

Mickey Rourke starts off this movie as Marv, a loveable, hell-bent, brute seeking revenge on his lover’s murderers. Clive Owen plays Dwight a slick hit man trying to stop a crazed cop from killing innocent bystanders. Bruce Willis, as Hartigan, is an ageing cop whose soul purpose in life is to save the life of an innocent girl Nancy (Jessica Alba) who becomes a college student stripper.

The film revolves around three heroes with individual story arcs from three separate graphic novels from the famous author Frank Miller. The stories are intertwined and connected by their location, sin city. Millers’ graphic novels have been extremely successful and so this film has a lot to live up to… and it does! In both the books and film, each character becomes a private investigator of their own particular mystery. 

The film was primarily shot on green screen and projected in black and white with few highlights of color. The color scheme and even shot selection is heavily influenced by the graphic novels. This is a very effective dramatic style of filmmaking. It’s as if each frame looks more like a work of art then a scene from a movie. This is the kind of film that bridges the gap between comic book fans and film buffs.

Top 5 rating. The action is exciting and easy to follow; the characters are developed and have dynamic motivation. No audience member will be confused or board while watching.  This film is definitely recommend as a must see. 

*** This rating system is the expressed opinion of this blogger alone. Please reference the first blog post for more details.

Good movie = Top 5 Rating
Bad movie = Bottom 5 Rating
Middle of the road movie = No Rating

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