Friday, December 9, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love! (2011)

Writen By Dan Fogelman

Directed by Glenn Ficarra, John Regua
Starring  Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, & Julianne Moore

This movie rocks!

At first we see Steve Carell, go through an emotionally traumatizing experience when his wife tells him she had an affair and asks for a divorce, and then we see him jump out of a moving car. This says everything you need to know about this movie. It’s tragic humor is dark and bitter but ultimately has depth and fills out the story and characters.

My favorite scene is when Gosling reaches out to Carell for some style and wardrobe mentoring to help him find his inner playboy. It’s Carell’s square’ness that makes this scene pop with humor but also Gosling's swagger that brings this point home. What’s interesting about this dynamic is that later we learn Gosling’s Character is terribly empty and miserable, which ironically is how Carell’s Character feels as well.

I laughed through the movie even though every scene has frustrating relationship dynamics between various characters, Carell and his ex wife, Julianne Moore , Carell and Gosling and Gosling and Emma Stone. But if you take it at face value and enjoy the struggle, this movie will warm your heart in the end. All in all, the film has lots of tenderness and value. 

Top 5 rating. I’m surprised when I ask people “what did you think about crazy stupid love?” because often I get a response like “eeehh” or “it was ok!”  Not everyone finds these characters deep and powerful and the comedy enjoyably gloomy... but I do.

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