Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Limitless (2011)

Written By Leslie Dixon (screenplay) Alen Glynn (novel)

Directed By Neil Burger

Starring Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel & Abbie Cornish

Bradley Cooper shines in this psychological thriller about brain function and drug use. He meets an old friend who gives him an experimental drug that helps him use 100 percent of his brain. This drug helps him turn his life around and become much more confident and successful.

This film is full of one great montage after another, plus the jump cuts get your mind racing to keep up. The interesting thing is that’s how the main character feels in the fillm as well. Its almost as if your being put into the main characters head as you watch. The scenes are crisp and the cinematography is clean. It’s a great movie to watch because of the experience it provides.

I’ve been a fan of Cooper since Alias and he always seemed to get small parts in big movies. For example, he plays the douche bag boyfriend of the main love interest in wedding crashers,

 or in Failure to Launch and Yes Man in which he plays the main character’s good friends.

Unfortunately his most memorable roll was in the hangover were he played the good-looking guy who progresses the story forward as the team of goofballs look for their missing friend.

But all that’s behind him now.

‘Limitless’ is a fantastic movie for Cooper because it shows him as a leading man. The film shows how much potential the human mind has to offer. The movie doesn’t glorify drug use, which is easy to do, instead it shows the harm and dangers of drugs. It’s a movie about brain function and what’s possible with concentration. A message I very much enjoy

Top 5 rating. This film is an exciting story that has lots of turns and surprises. The film leaves you with the idea that you can change your brain chemistry and brain synapses (connections) so that you don’t need drugs to help you focus. Definitely check this one out!

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