Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thor (2011)

Written by Ashley Edward Miller, Zach Stentz, & Don Payne
Directed By Kenneth Branagh
Starring Chris Hemsworth & Natalie Portman

This movie was Fun to watch.

The graphics and visuals of this movie are almost unbeatable. I would say better then lord of the rings in terms of stunning imagery. The story does lend itself to this kind of grandiose creativity but for the most part I’m quite impressed.

I did like mythology elements although that should be directly attributed to the comics.

Ultimately this movie falls short in my eyes. The story have little to no motive, the characters have no connection, and I found myself not interested in finding out how this mess resolves. I liked almost everything about this movie but for some reason it just fell flat.

I must say, I was a big fan of the first 'Iron Man' movie and have lost my taste for it since the sequel came out, so my mind maybe hijacked for this review on grounds that I have already started to hate the ‘Avengers’ movie scheduled for summer 2012.

Bottom 5 rating. Not the best movie for a true fan of the comics or an avid moviegoer.  Maybe the 'Avengers' movie will change my tune on this one…

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