Friday, January 13, 2012

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Written by Josh Appelbaum, Andre Namec, & Bruce Geller (Television Series)
Directed by Brad Bird
Starring tom Cruze, Jeremy Renner & Simon Pegg

If you liked the last three you’ll like this one. I’m a fan of Tom Cruze. His personal life is scrutinized and over analyzed to the point where there is nothing but speculation and so I stay way from that type of conjecture. But as an actor I think he’s an upfront, clean cut, leading man. He is wildly successful and he stars in almost every classic movie you can think of: Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, & Tropic Thunder… to name a few. Tom Cruze “Brings it” every time and this one it’s no different.

The film it’s self is kind of geared toward the original series of Mission: Impossible which sets it apart from the prequels. The Film, instead of focusing on Ethan Hunt’s (Cruze) struggle, focuses on the team’s impractical assignments and character arks as well as structure. It’s still Cruze running the show but it’s less motivated by his character and more on the severity of the situation.

I’m new to this director Brad Bird and from what I can tell he did a fine job. Nothing seemed out of place or confused. Having said that the final seen of this film is a bit cheesy and makes me think it was added on to appease some studio suit. The emotion of the character isn’t really there and the story doesn’t need a love interest after the resolution of the film. Other then that I thought Bird did a fine job.

No rating. I was entertained and happy. I’m a big fan of Tom Cruze so I need to wash my hands of this review. It’s really a phenomenon how much I like Cruze considering I like almost everything he does… even the film ‘night and day’…

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