Monday, January 9, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Written by Arthur Conan Doyle (novels) Michele Mulroney, Kieran Mulroney
Starring Robert downy Jr., Jude Law, & Jared Harris
Directed by Guy Ritchie

Robert Downy Jr. is awesome as usual. Having said that, Downy takes a rather unique twist on the classic Holmes character. Something about the foolishness of Downy as a comedic actor comes off wrong when he plays Holmes. It’s as if Downy is just some classic gifted investigator just like the countless television sitcoms of the past few years. Sherlock Holmes should be more dignified and regal or at least that’s what I find missing in this film.

Jude Law is a fantastic actor. Just see 'the talented mr.ripley.' He plays Watson beautifully in this thriller but also seems to be missing something. It’s interesting to watch such a different take on these characters.

Guy Ritchie is one of my favorite directors. Lock Stock, Snatch, & RocknRolla are all classic films that display his exceptional directorial style. But Sherlock Holmes is an entirely different kind of movie for Ritchie. Its obvious he is trying to appeal to a more family friendly audience and looking to make an iconic film with well established stories and characters.

Guy Ritchie still brings a strong directors style to this film. He always keeps the audience guessing and keep the film moving at a fast pass. He keeps your attention while wowing you with interesting cinematic effect. But at times it becomes too stylized, dizzying and difficult to follow.

No rating. Its fun to watch Robert Downy Jr. dress up in masquerade but doesn’t always ring true to Sherlock Holmes. Jude law is awesome and has my full support in whatever he does. The whole thing is just too sexy and safe to be truly ground breaking. But I fully endorse renting ‘A Game of Shadow’ at least once. 


  1. I agree with your analysis of the characters. I have read the entire Sherlock Holmes series written by Doyle and my interpretation of Holmes character is aloof, but not necessarily goofy. I think that Guy Ritchie has patterned Holmes on the highly success character of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. As you mentioned, definitely a safe bet for a family-friendly audience. He's also a bit like a character from the Three Muskateers. To me, the allure of Holmes is his ability to see the answer amidst a plethora of seemingly unrelated clues, rather than his fighting ability or wit.

    What the film did well was Holmes relationship with Watson. In the books, Holmes and Watson are always disagreeing on how life should be lived. Watson is always interested in a normal life, and Holmes, always interested in the next mental puzzle. I think the continuous action in the film, along with the occasional one-liner takes away from the overall mystery.

    I would like to see the next film slow down and really delve into one of Holmes classic mysteries. A little less action (When did Sherlock ever battle tanks!!!) and a little more intrigue and character development of the characters who create the mystery. The Frenchman from the Matrix comes to mind as a character that would be a smashing success. Or perhaps a deeper encounter with the sharpshooter in this film.

    Overall, I really did like Game of Shadows, and hope the series continues.

  2. Nice review of the movie. Downey Jr makes a very interesting Sherlock Holmes.

    I liked the first movie. I need to check this one out.