Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Man on a ledge (2012)

Written by Pablo F. Fejves
Directed by Asger Leth
Starring Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks and Jamie Bell

This movie is exactly what it looks like. So if you’re into that sort of thing it won’t disappoint. This one has lots of excitement and thrills for the moviegoer who enjoys the simple things.

The plot works as a catalyst for the story although it falls apart under a microscope, particularly at the end. Basically, a cop goes to jail for something he didn’t do and is forced to take matters into his own hands to get revenge and clear is name.

 Banks is awesome in this. She does a good job of being hot and cool at the same time. Worthington on the other hand, can’t speak without his Australian accent and that can through the movie off a bit.

Bottom 5 Rating. No horrible but I can’t really recommend it even as a rental. I would look for something else to watch.

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