Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pina (2012)

Directed by Wim Wenders
Written by wim winders
Staring Pina Bausch, Rigina Advento and Malou Airaudo

Wow! 3-D. This film feels like we are going somewhere new as a people and as an art society. This has all the beautiful and human desire true film buffs look for in their movies. All the passion and pain of life is here in between the frames and in each emotional movement captured in this piece.

Unfortunate this film does have some setbacks. First of all it’s a documentary about the dancer director Pina. So in-between each dance number we hear about who she was and who she worked with. The interviews are conducted in voice over with the subject sitting their starring at the camera. I like this artistic choice but I hate how it breaks up the dance scenes and jumps our imagination out of the profound and back to the film.

I loved the use of scenes in downtown where dancers display their inner voices through movement without being beaten down by the modern world around them. I loved the use of nature elements as well. This film is so different I’d rate it with the artists as being groundbreaking and fantastical.

No rating. This film is a must see but it lacks a true message to being considered a great film. I loved it. I want to see much more of this type of filmmaking. Go see this one!!!

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