Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Vow (2012)

Written by Jason Katims, Abby Kohn
Directed By Michael Sucsy
Starring Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum and Sam Neill

This was a good movie. As far as the cinematography goes, I was not impressed. Nothing stands out as far as filmmaking is concerned. I’m not sure how invested Michael Sucsy was in directing a groundbreaking film. Something about this movie stinks of a Valentines Day money grab for all those sweet hearts who need a something to do on V-Day.

The story is basically a couple have a car accident leaving one of them unable to remember their relationship. Tatum commits to nursing his damaged wife back to falling in love with him and getting their lives back to the way things were before the accident. Of course Tatum keeps forgetting how much he can’t control himself with her and she is uncomfortable with his familiarity.

Having said that, this movie was fun. It was loving and kind and interesting. The plot was solid and believable for the most part. McAdams does her usual sexy performance that doesn’t disappoint. Tatum does a great job a brooding and being frustrated with his perfect woman who has disappeared before his eyes. Tatum has for the first time taken a leading role and done a good job with it. He still holds that ken doll stature of plastic emotion but he seems to make it more authentic then in the past. He’s really come into himself in this role.

No rating. Just a solid love story for Valentines Day couples. Great clean entertainment and a sentiment to love. It’s nothing special but nothing bad, just a strong love film. 

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