Monday, May 14, 2012

Safe House (2012)

Written by David Guggenheim
Directed by Daniel Espinosa
Starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington

Safe House was an interesting film to watch. It starts out with a rather boring Ryan Reynolds working for the CIA as a Safe House manager. He waits for CIA agents to bring in suspects to interrogate. Mostly he sits around and waits all the time but one evening he gets a call and a new prisoner is brought to him who sets this story off.

Denzel brings his A game in this one, but what else would you expect from Denzel? He is the prisoner who ends up escaping from the CIA and the evil mod terrorist and Ryan Reynolds tries to bring him in. they end up going to countless chases and its one never ending pursue.

I was impressed with each chase / action sequence being an every increasing moment of suspense and excitement. I found myself clued to the screen the entire movie. The cinematography was well done. Nothing seemed out of place.

The characters were well developed and had good motivation through out most of the movie. At one point Reynolds character ends up shooting a policeman and that scene doesn’t seem true and unfortunately sticks out like a sour thumb. The film is good and has a great message and ending.

No rating. This film is a good one to see but ambiguous. I was left wondering what I was supposed to take a way from it. I enjoyed watching it for what it was… 

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