Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To Rome With Love (2012)

Written By Woody Allen
Directed By Woody Allen
Starring Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, & Ellen Page

If you love Rome, Comedy, Alec Baldwin or any of Woody Allen’s films you’ll love this one.

A lot of things can be said about Woody Allen; he’s a narcissist, a sexual deviant, a immoral liberalist, a genius, and such a cad. His political opinions and personal life aside Allen is more or less a wonderfully successful filmmaker. Allen has made such masterpieces as Manhattan, Crimes and misdemeanors & Annie Hall. Approaching the age of 78 Allen continuously tries to make contemporary movies like last years film Midnight in Paris.’

To Rome With Love is a feature film poking fun at celebrates, the paparazzi and the common man’s craving to be desired. (Common man meaning common person) It’s a breath of fresh air to see Allen having more fun with his storyline and less self-conscious preaching of a particular philosophy like we have seen in his past few films. Sex, lust, lies, embarrassment & general bad behavior fill the screen as the bulky cast of characters proceed to tangle up their lives in petty circumstances.

Wonderful irony of this film is that all of it is so enjoyable. Each character has very well thought out points of view and comes off as authentic and meaning full as the next. This truly is a testament to Woody Allen’s talent as a filmmaker. His story is not only superfluous but also becomes incredibly compelling. To be human is to be a person who makes juvenile blunders for irrational and all to obvious reasons.

Top 5 rating. A true masterpiece from a master of the human conundrum. 

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