Friday, August 31, 2012

What's Your Number? (2011)

Written by Gabrielle Allan, Jennifer Crittenden
Directed by Mark Mylod
Starring Anna Faris, Chris Evens, & Ari Graynor

How many men have you slept with? Well, this films is all about how many is too many? Apparently 20 is too many because that’s what Anna Faris is trying to stay under.

The film does a wonderful job of making Faris look fun and silly and adorable. She has cute idea, cute close, and cute everything. She is dead set on marring one of her ex boyfriends so that she stays under that horrible number 20.

The main complaint about this film would be that 20 is kind of a lot. Most guys don’t rack up that kind of number. I would say 12-15 is a lot. In any case the film blows by that with a short example. Faris takes a poll from her friends and finds out they all are under ten. This is embarrassing and helps puts the film back into reality.

No rating. There are lots of laughs and if you like the actors you'll enjoy the film. 

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