Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anti Christ (2009)

Written by Lars Von Trier
Directed By Lars van Trier
Starring Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg

This movie is not good! Obviously by the name its meant to scare you. But unfortunately this movie does not.

Willem Dafoe is an amazing actor and he does nothing but a superb job in this film. Its amazing to watch such a master of character play this role. Dafoe is a theropist dealing with his grieving wife after losing their son who jumped out their apartment window as a toddler. Dafoe ties to council his wife Gainsbourg by giving her a ful-time therapy session.

The film doesn’t make you very comfortable about anything. Lars von Trier does have a unique voice through this piece. Therapy, nature, despair & guilt all play large roles in Trier’s work and this film is no different.

If you enjoy artistic films and wonderful cinematography then you’ll enjoy this film. The camera work is wonderful. It makes the audience wonder “how did he capture these images like this?”

Bottom five. This film is depressing and leaves you with very little to take away. Don’t watch this unless you have nothing better to do or feel like beating up on yourself. 

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