Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hit & Run (2012)

Written by Dax Shepard
Directed by Dax Shepard, David Palmer
Starring Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, and Bradley Cooper

This is Dax Shepards baby. Shepard made this film with his friends and wife. He wrote it himself. This movie is a part of him and a window into his soul if you will. This movie is a dream of his.

This was a good fun film. It had lots of great action and character development. Lots of the film takes place in the car. Dax Shepard looks like he does most of his own driving in this one. The movie really plays well as an action chase adventure.

Bradley Cooper plays a very interesting role as a hipster type bank robber who spent a some traumatizing time in jail. Bradley Cooper is a long time friend of Shepard and obviously had fun on this film set. Kristen Bell does an amazing job of being cute and sweet and pretty. Tom Arnold adds a great sense of comedy to the piece that really makes everything work well together.

Michael Rosenbaum is an amazing actor but known for playing Lex Luthor in the TV Show Smallville. He is the antagonist in this film and does a wonderful job of being believable and horrible at the same time. Simply put he is a total jerk!

Top 5. The movie isn’t great but the accomplishment by Shepard is something I respect. Go see this just to support Shepard’s dream! You wont be disappointed. 

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