Monday, December 10, 2012

Flight (2012)

Written by John Gatins
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Starring Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle & John Goodman aka the banana man

Robert Zemeckis isn’t a well known director despite being the director of a list of great films such as, Forrest Gump, What Lies Beneath, Death Becomes Her, & Back to the Future. Zemeckis doesn’t disappoint with Flight either.

Flight is a wonderful film that starts with an amazing plain crash and follows the story of a pilot, Washington, who deals with the ramifications. Each step of the movie reveals another lurking truth about Washingtons character that would have been better off hidden.

The film revolves around three separate but intertwined subjects: The first is Alcoholism & addiction, Washingtons character, Whip, wakes up in a hotel room and snorts a line of cocaine before running off to fly a passenger jet airliner.  The second is religion, after surviving a horrific plane crash, new meanings in Whip’s life start to highlight the existence of the divine. The third subject is the ramifications and politics of a plane crash or any act of God where someone has to be blamed. Often it becomes obvious that Whip doesn't deserve the scrutiny he is under because of the accident. 

The film actually does an amazing job of intertwining these subjects and themes into an incredible film about deliverance and judgment. The movie doesn’t feel good all of the time but the movie play as an honest representation of life and the human experience. Nothing about this movie is flawed.

No rating. I really enjoyed this film but it doesn’t hold much relevance to my life. Addiction is an important message to get to those dealing with such a problem but for others it has little relevance at all. Everyone should see this movie but not everyone will find it meaningful.

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