Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5 Films of 2012

Hope Springs is the number one movie of the year because it’s about working on a relationship and in the end this is what life is truly about. Best film of the year!

This film was a surprise that came out of left field. The dark, deep, and honest emotions build truly hard and damaged characters. This film literally comes to life.

A wonderful movie that highlights the universal connection of things while downplays the hardships. A movie for the dreamers.

This movie just plain rocks! Did you ever play the game when you were a kid? Ha ha, now aliens are in the mix… did you see that twist coming?

You have to love this film. Its so ridiculous and hilarious with a good message at the end.

I also wanted to give some credit to the runners up.

These films get honorable mention because they really make for wonderful Cinema. I wanted to support their efforts in bring us compelling storylines and pure entertainment.

Surprisingly powerful

Emotionally Moving

Cinematically dazzling…

Powerfully soft

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