Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Identity Thief (2013)

Written by: Craig Mazin, Jerry Eeten
Directed by: Seth Gordon
Starrring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy

What makes a good comedy? Most great comedies have three attributes that make it believable.

1)    Honesty: Comedy is often funny when its true. For example, a Prime Time News Anchor is not funny. But a News Anchor who is a complete tool is hilarious. (Anchorman)
2)    Sensitivity: Jokes are often the extreme of emotion. For example: somebody starts laughing at a funeral.
(Death at a Funeral)
3)     Current: Jokes often have a time limit on their relevance. For example: psy gangnam style

Identity Theft is somewhat of a good comedy in that its honest. It doesn’t have much sensitivity toward the characters or events everything is just simply happening. It’s somewhat old news since the identity theft scare has already passed.

Bottom Five. Save your money and rent this one at a redbox. 

Red Down (2012)

Written By: Carl Ellsworth
Directed by: Dan Bradley
Starrring: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson

What’s so great about red down? Nothing! 

The original Red Down is an amazing story told through the eyes of the star Patrick Swayze. Nothing is as good as a Swayze movie and red down falls short as expected.

This is not to say Chris Hemsworth doesn’t do a good job. Hemsworth is great… in avengers and snow white… but he doesn’t quite play this role like a Champaign of cinema. I think he’s much better at playing British then American. That might be throwing his swagger off. The sad thing is this film was a flop in 1984 so why would it be a hit today?

This film was kind of enjoyable. It’s missing the old Russian music from the original. I loved the original for being so cheesy. This film was not very cheesy. Although in about 10 years it will be.

Bottom Five. Not good. 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Written By: Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens
Directed by: Peter Jackson
Starring Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage

Did you see the Lord of the Rings? Then you know what to expect.

This film was great. The Hobbit has all the majesty of Tolkien and all the mastery of Peter Jackson. Cinematography is brilliant with deep colors and seamless movements. The characters have elaborate costumes and cinematic lines. Everything about this movie screams classic.

Now for the bad stuff…All the reasons to love this film are all the reasons to hate it.

First complaint: We’ve already seen this film… actually we’ve seen this film three times already. Most of us took one look at the Three Volumes of Lord of the Rings and said, “I’ll just read the Hobbit and call it a day.” So, its more likely that most of us know this story pretty well. Peter Jackson must feel terrible about giving away the ending before starting at the beginning.

Second complaint: The Lord of the Rings is a three-book trilogy, and The Hobbit is only one. Why do we need to make this film in three parts? Its not like you haven’t made enough money off of this francize. Do we really need to go through this again?

Third and final complaint: If you are going to split it up into three movies don’t slow down the story. For whatever reason this film kind of drags on for a long time has little symbolism compared to The Fellowship of the Ring.

No rating, you can’t go wrong with Tolkien and Jackson but we should still hold them to some standards.