Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blue Jasmine (2013)

Written by Woody Allen

Directed by Woody Allen

Starring Kate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin & Peter Sargaard

Note * Woody Allen has done such films as; Manhattan, Midnight in Paris, Mach Point, To Rome with Love & Annie Hall.

Woody Allen's new film is basicly about a woman going though PTSD. Her trama isn't from a war experience rather it's from her marrage that ended in devource and ruin. She is left with little money and no skills to survive. She is forced to move in with her sister who she had cheated out of a small fortune years earlier. This is where the story begins.

Woody Allen starts the film here, in the midst of disaster and as the movie progresses we see glimps after glimps of Kate living a "High Life" of the rich and powerful. These scene illistrate where Kate is coming from and how the current state of things is completely humiliating. As we come out of each luxurious scenes Kate is often sitting off in a corner with a long star... muttering to herself. She can't leave the past behind doomed to continuously relive her fall from grace. This is the PTSD of the film and as an audience member you feel it.

Woody Allen is a master of story telling. His films arn't filled with explocions or car chases, they are often focused on distictly character experiences. Some sugjest that these films are boring (and in some cases they are) but not because they are missing action but because we, the audience, are desencitized to the human character experience. We loose interest when someone on screen starts talking about what they truly want out of life. Even if you do find Woody Allen films boring they are only boring for the first half of the movie. Once he sets eveything up then he sends everyone into a frenzy and the entire story takes off.

Blue Jasmine is no different from his other films except that he has been practicing on all his other films so that he could make this one! Kate Blanchet is an incredible actriss who knows how to find the heart of a character and make it her aura on screen. She has all the skill and control of a brain surgen and she's even fun to watch.

Five stars. Woody Allen is many things... and one of them is a great filmmaker.

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