Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Enough Said (2013)

Written by: Nicole Holofcener
Directed by: Nicole Holofcener
Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini

This is an adorable film. Julia & James don’t really have much chemistry on camera with eachother but then again they don’t really have any with the camera either. They portraiy real characters, and the reality of their made up lives sinks in as you watch. Nothing about this film is fake or fantastical. It remeinds me of an old Woody Allen film that speaks to the heart of people not children.

Holofcener is a good writer/director because the emotional stringe are being pulled at the appropriate time. Everything seems to fit together even though it’s all awekward and uncomfortable. Its best to see this movie with a liquored up crowed. The awekwardness of the film is best when laughed at.

Nothing about this movie screems genious but its just so solid and clear you can’t help but love every second of it. Its not super goofy like a Judd Apatow film or super depressing like Lars Von Trier but it finds this perfect middle ground that gives us a few laughs and a few moments of heart felt emotion. Don’t expect much from this film and you will be pleasantly supriesed.

Top 5. RIP James Gandolfini.

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