Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ender's Game (2013)

Written By: Gavin Hood
Directed by: Gavin Hood
Starring Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield

Ender's game is based on a very popular book. I read that book over 10 years ago. Now that I think about it over 15 years ago. I'm old... the point is I can't remember how it ended. And so the movie was a great surprise to me.

Ender's Game is simply a sci-fi adventure exploring the idea of Alien warfare and human survival tactical. The basis of the story is kill or be killed... by aliens. Interestingly enough, there is no war going on during their training.

Ender is a main character and a brilliant commander for tactical warfare. He is promoted up the rank during training to the point were he is in complete command of the entire military force as the simulate the end-all of battles.

Whats so great about this movie? Harrison Ford! This man can play a role and he was born to be on screen. Ford steals the show. He is a great addition to this movie and makes one hell of a general commander. (or whatever rank he holds in this film.) This film has some great acting. Also lots of action and battles that make for a fun experience.

No rating. This film was good but I’m guessing the next film will be twice as good.


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