Monday, January 20, 2014

Drinking Buddies (2013)

Written by Joe Swanberg
Directred by Joe Swanberg
Starring Olivia wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick & Ron Livingston

The movie is basically about four characters. Two couples that both have feelings for the counterpart’s partner. Confused? So is everyone else. Ultimately, this film explores the ideas behind forbidden love and the age old question can men and women be friends? Obviously this film is full of sexual tension.

Olivia Wilde does an amazing job of portraying the stereo typical tom boy. She makes every seen her own by being graceful yet hard skinned. Jake Johnson is his brash unforgiving self. He does this character very well in most of the roles he takes. Surprisingly, Anna Kendrick steals the show in a sweet perfect girl kind of way. She really shines as the innocent damaged girlfriend.

The cinematography along with the art direction is non-obtrusive and simple. Everything feels real and natural. Nothing shines in this film because its about real life and an honest portrait of confusing emotions and relationships. The editing and dialogues keeps you interested because its as if you’re a fly on the wall trying to keep up with each scene. You like this movie if you like beer, sex, and living in the moment. If that’s you this movie could even speak to you.

No rating. Just a solid rental film that makes you a bit more of a person after watching it.

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