Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frozen (2013)

Written By Jennifer Lee
Directed by Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck
Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff

Frozen is a fabulous film. It’s a musical animation done by Disney. This is not a Pixar movie and they make that a big deal in terms of marketing. (I’m not really sure why, Pixar is wildly successful.) The plot of the film is basically two sisters, one does magic and is dangerous, and the other is innocent.  The magical sister is dangerous because she can’t control her magical powers regarding freezing things.

The music in this film is what sets the tone. Everything about this movie makes you feel like a kid again. Each character has an emotional connection with what they are doing and it feeds the story. Menzel is an amazing voice actor and singer. Her song alone is worth the price of the ticket. Everyone does a great job in this film. The singing, acting, and animation all play perfectly on screen.

The style of the film is Pixar-esk although they say its hand drawn. I can’t really tell but it looks good. If you like kid movies, musicals, or even Nordic culture then you’ll like this film. I particularly like the song in the opening scene of the film because it’s so angelic and at the same time Celtic Nordic folk sounding. The musical alone will make you love this film even though the story is dynamic and moving.

Top 5. This film will win some awards for sure. 

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