Thursday, February 6, 2014

Doubt (2008)

Written & Directed By John Patrick Shanley
Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep, & Amy Adams

     This film is incredibly well done. It’s about a catholic priest and an accusation of sexual misconduct. The issues are obvious I. E. is there any proof, what are the next steps to be taken. All of this casting shadows on the father Flynn Hoffman’s character.

     Philip Seymour Hoffman does an amazing job in this film. He is willing to play the character that represents evil and innocence at the same time. His role as the all-knowing father figure is nothing short of brilliance. Amy Adams plays an incredibly innocent nun. And Meryl Streep play and uptight suspicious nun. All are incredibly well played and totally believable. You will get caught up in the story no matter what you think.

     This story is an uncomfortable one for most people. The craft of the film is electrifying and daring. I would say there is no other film I can liken it to because it stands in a class of its own. This film should have won all the awards.

Top 5. No matter how uncomfortable you feel this film will take you down a path that is incredibly brilliant. 

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