Friday, February 7, 2014

Mission Impossible (1996)

Directed by Brian De Palma
Wrtiten by Bruce Geller
Starring Tom Cruz

Mission impossible is just what it sounds like. A team of spies all decide to try and take on some impossible mission with unbelievable odds and pull off what seemed impossible. But if that wasn’t enough for you they they also run into incredible opposition by the organization (CIA) that they are employed by. Tom Cruz is forced to become a rogue agent and find who framed him in this massive conspiracy cover up.

Tom Cruz Stars in this action adventure thriller. He looks young and athletic and everything about this movie screams 90s. Tom Cruz does a great job, like he always does, by being a strong lead character. The cinematography is incredible. And the art direction and scene construction is superb. This is a great blockbuster movie for the whole family to enjoy.

The story glide on ice all the way till the end credits. There is almost no down time for this action adventure. If you like Tom Cruz, or the old mission impossible Television show, my bet is you’ll enjoy this one.

Top 5 rating. This film played an important roll in my development as a film aficionado.

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