Monday, February 3, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffmen: A Dedication

Dear Philip,

        Your body of work has been vast and transformative for many. There are few you haven’t enjoyed your mastery of one character or another. Many have marveled at your variety of faces that you mascaraed from piece to piece. Your craft has been tested and you training rewarded and honored. I just want take a few moments to dedicate my own experience of you.

        At 19, I worked in a DVD rental Shop. This was in 2003. I loved movies. So many times customers would come in and tell me, “I need great movie most people haven’t seen?” Often I would point them in directions like Magnolia, or The Talented Mr. Ripley. No one can forget your character in Almost Famous shouting that Jim Morrison is a buffoon and the b42s are Gods! I often would sometimes drop your name to Movie Rental snobs who would refuse to rent anything that didn’t have independent written on the cover. If you were in it, the movie had street cred.

        I remember watching 25th hour in the theatre and thinking this guy is incredible. So many different characters he plays without judgment or narcissism.  Your desire to disappear was as mystifying as your ability to reappear in new and deeper form. Your award for Capote was justified even if the rest of your work seemed to go unnoticed by the masses.

       You surprised me in The Master. I loved your candor and sophistication. I always enjoyed your commanding rolls as much as you repressed characters. Taking a look at the breadth of your style, I compare Brandt from The Big Labowski and Father Flynn from Doubt. Both portraits couldn’t be any further from one another and yet you do them both with such exactness. It is truly a delight to analogize your life’s work.

       But you were taken from us much too soon. I was so sorry to hear the news. It is an indescribable lost that I cannot explain or quantify.  For those of us who love acting, storytelling, and the world of the cinema, a beacon of light has just gone out. I will always treasure your work and characters as gifts to the world. I’m sorry to lose you. Rest in eternal piece.

Just another fan,


List of Films Hoffman has been in:

Catching Fire (Hunger Games)
The Master
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Almost Famous
Punch Drunk Love

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