Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Captain Phillips (2013)

Written By Richard Phillips
Directed By Paul Greengrass
Starring Tom Hanks

Captain Phillips is a story based on a book about a real life event. The film is an intense real world experience of pirates attacking a cargo ship. The book was written as a first hand account of the experience of being held hostage and being tortured and beaten.

Tom Hanks stars as the heroic Richard Phillips and he does an amazing job. The film is stirring with deep personal relationships and honest portrayals of human life. The film is well made and has lots of interesting shots. The cinematography style is hand-held documentary form. This really adds to the intensity of the film. also, the score is a very chilling and primal sound that tickles up your spine with adrenalin.

Ultimately, Tom Hanks is perfect for this role. Hanks is an very emotional actor with perfect timing. His portrait of these events are surprisingly personal and he walks us through those feelings perfectly.

unfortunately, this film is empty of message. I loved every second of this film as a thrill ride and cried at the end... but I'm not sure why I watched it to begin with. Its perfectly done, but I can't say what for.

No rating. Brilliant filmmaking with little message at the end. great experience to go through.

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