Monday, March 10, 2014

Now You See Me (2013)

Written By Ed Solomon

Directed by Louis Leterrier

Starring Woody Harrelson Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg & Common

This film is about magic and illusion. There are a group of street magicians that are recruited to serve a function. They join forces to pull off a hug heist. The characters all have different talents but when they are all put together they are unstoppable.

Woody Harrelson is the hypnotist, Eisenberg the showman, Isla Fisher the escape artist, & Dave Franco the up and comer. They all make strong attempts at making their characters real people but the movie doesn’t leave room for character development. Nothing is explained as they race to find out what illusion will be pulled off next.

You’ll like this movie if you enjoy magic shows, or basic cable thriller shows. There is nothing special about this movie. The suspense is interesting at points but it really has little to say about anything including magic.

Bottom 5. Not really worth watching.

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