Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Is 40 (2012)

Written By Judd Apatow
Directed by Judd Apatow
Starring Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann & John Lithgow

This is a film based on the couple a previous film Judd Apatow Directed called "Knocked Up." This film is an in-depth look at a couples relationship as they both age slowly into their 40s. The stress and emotion of that number puts an extra burden on their relationship.

The film has almost nothing to do with Knocked Up. Infact, I don't really see any connection between the two. Mostly it a film about a family that fight all the time. Sure, you might fined truth in this family dynamic but I was mostly disapointed with the human emotion, or lack there of, in this film.

Bottom 5. It kinda felt like a waste of time.

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